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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hot Wheels 15th Annual Convention VW Drag Bus Set

Red Flame (VHTF!) :
This is the aforementioned 2K variation. Notice that the tip of the flame is red, and the yellow in the middle of the logo. Apparently, these were the first off the line, and approximately 2K were made before the error was caught and corrected. This version does sell for slightly more on Ebay, due to the limited run of the error.

Yellow Flame:
Issued in October 2001 in Irvine, California. This was the first VW Bus to sport Real Riders, and the second to come equipped with reproduction Redline Wheels. Tampos are highly detailed, which made it a highly-sought model. The model pictured at left is the correct version, with the yellow-tipped flame. The total run on this one is 6K, but there was an error/variation on the flame, which was limited to 2K, before being adjusted.

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