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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Liberty Promotions Ghost Flames 2010 REBEL RUN & Regular VW Drag Bus

In the month of October things evil appear, Vampires and demons and ghouls will be here. Your home should be decked with pumpkins and potions And the Halloween bus from Liberty Promotions! It’s haunted by spirits quite evil and dangerous: Introducing the Ghost Flames VW Drag Bus!

No one knows why or from where the ghosts came, But they appear on this bus to be made up of flame! Haunting the roof and possessing each side, On this bus of black chrome the phantoms reside. And if in your path no black cats do roam, You might get the Rebel Run version in chrome.

This fall you’ll be dying for this bus the most. Alas, you’ll prove you ain’t ’fraid of no ghost. The spirits are present for just a short visit, So get Ghost Flames now, or be doomed to miss it. (This is a must-have for collectors; oh, trust us: Photos do this year’s Halloween bus no justice!)

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