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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Chojiro D'Crazy Hells Dept. FUCK THE HD CITY Cyclops Forever 55 Chevy Panel

This is a Hells Dept. city prize car collection made by popular Japanese Customizer Chojiro D'Crazy. The body of the '55 Chevy Panel has the writting "FUCK THE H.D. CITY" and on the other side writes "CYCLOPS FOREVER". The car is fitted with rubber wheels with a broad silver cap. In the car, you will find a "bath time skull" object (A skeleton sleeping in a bath tub) which is a unique creation by this Japanese team of customizer. On the top of the car reveals a tampo of a fly resting on a red colored eyeball. Total quantity produced for this car is undisclosed.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Liberty Promotions 2011 Freaky Tiki 2 VW Drag Bus set

Freaky Tiki is back!  This new version features Polynesian pinstriping on flat black paint.  Look closely and you'll see a Tiki mask on the roof and a side-mounted surfboard with a shark motif.

This year the Freaky Tiki comes in two different buses - with or without the surf board which is placed unconventionally on the side of the bus unlike most buses in the past where the surf board was placed at the top of the bus. Both buses featured are regular buses only.