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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Pope Designs 2011 DCS KustomKon VW Drag Bus

This set offers a very unique combination of die-cast together with a figurine, designed by award-winning Bryan Pope. The 2011 KustomKon featured the hottest and fastest growing segment of the diecast collecting hobby- Diecast Customizing! The core events had a series of seminars for those who have never customized before all the way through advanced. KustomKon also has plenty to offer the regular diecast collector as well. This car stood up from all the different customs available at the event. In a similar rendition of this unique car design, it won the 1st place Pro Mild - Dallas, TX - 2011 DCS KustomKon.

 1st place Pro Mild - Dallas, TX - 2011 DCS KustomKon.


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