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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Exclusive Interview: Bryan Pope - FINAL PART

In the final part of the interview, Bryan will share some success stories and moving forward.


18) Your proudest work?
There are several designs I am very proud of but the work I am most proud of has to be my very first 2006 Kringle Delivery Drag Bus.  
"I was so nervous about how long it would take to sell and was dumb-founded when it sold out in 37 seconds!" Bryan Pope
2006 VW Drag Bus
Kringle Delivery Service

19) What are your views on awards? How important are they?
Awards and recognition are wonderful things but aren’t what is driving me to customize. 
Any artist whether they act, paint, or write looks for approval from their peers, public, and enthusiasts. Awards are a way to qualify and quantify one’s talent but I don’t feel awards should be the reason for one’s career.
Bryan receiving h is award in Las Vegas in 2009

Bryan receiving his award in Mexico in 2008

20) Are there any tips to winning customizing cars awards?
Clean work, an original and unique viewpoint, and confidence go a long way in winning a custom contest.
1st Place!  Best Paint!
Pro Mild  - St. Louis, MO - 2010 Hot Wheels Nationals
VW Drag Bus Hot Wheels Drag Bus

1st Place!
Pro Mild  - Los Angeles, CA - 2008 Hot Wheels Convention
1955 Chevy Panel Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary Tribute

21) Which is your favorite convention; Domestic or International?
I love them all. The majority of conventions I have attended are domestic. I have been to Mexico City and Canada and enjoyed those immensely.  I would love to travel farther to see more of the world.

Bryan and Joe at his booth in Mexico 2008

Bryan and Joe Altieri playing the Lottery game.

Bryan Signing autographs next to Mike Zarnock in Canada 2010

Pope Design cars sold at Canada Convention 2010.

22) Just after 4 years you started Pope Designs you were inducted into the Hall of fame, that one really big achievement. Is there anything bigger than that? What’s next?
To continue to grow Pope Designs and stretch my imagination as far as it can go.  I would also love to do a collaborative design with a major diecast manufacturer or corporate sponsor

2010 Diecast Hall of Fame
(video from Jeff Glasson of diecastaudio.com)

The Hall of Fame ring....said to have magical powers... :)

Bryan together with inductees from 2010 Diecast Hall of Fame 
(Bryan is at the back busy checking his SMS)

23) Where do you see the future of customizing heading? Design, trend, competitions...?
It’s headed straight up meaning there is no limit to where it can go.  With so many new customizers bringing their skill, vision, and talent into the fold, everyone will be able to learn something and it can only make the current crop of customizers better.

Bryan giving some kind advise to attendees at the Canada Convention while 
Larry Wood and Miq Willmot looks on.

24) What satisfy you about your designs?
What satisfies me is the fact that I can touch so many of my fans and admirers with my designs.  When I see fans line up to buy my customs, I feel so proud but also anxious about what my next one will be to top my current custom.
Bryan at Summer Smash 4 2011... The cars were sold out quite quickly.

Lorrie with another happy customers at Nasville Collectors Convention 2011

25) Where is Pope Designs heading?
It’s headed for the sky and the only limit is finding the time to accomplish what I want to do. But I will do it.  In 2012; boundaries will be pushed and topped, its going to be an exciting time.
In 2010, Bryan was awarded "The Golden Key" from DiecastSpace.

26) What do you want Pope Designs to be remembered for in the world of customizing?
It’s still an ongoing process and I haven’t begun to think about stopping.  But I hope when people now look at a Pope Designs custom they think of it as not only a custom diecast but a true work of art.
Pope Designs Hall of Fame VW Drag Bus.

27) Finally, if you are going to run Mattel Hot Wheels division one day, how would you run it? :)
Let’s just say that the diecast world “WOULDN’T KNOW WHAT HIM THEM” if I ran Mattel and leave it at that!


1st Place
Pro Mild - Dallas, TX - 2011 DCS KustomKon
VW Drag Bus

2nd Place!
Pro Sets - Dallas, TX - 2011 DCS KustomKon
VW Drag Bus

1st Place
Pro Mild - Nashville, TN - 2011 DCS Convention
VW Drag Bus Music City Express 3.0

2nd Place
Pro Mild - Nashville, TN - 2011 DCS Convention
VW Drag Bus Music City Express 4.0

1st Place
Pro Mild - Las Vegas, NV - 2010 DCS Super Convention
DiecastSpace Super Convention Drag Bus Pope Diamond Edition

1st Place
Pro Mild - Niagara Falls, Canada - 2010 DCS Convention
DiecastSpace Canada Convention VW Drag Bus

1st Place
Anything That Flies - Roanoke, VA - 2008 Star City HW Show
Madd Propz Twin Spin Stunt Plane 

1st Place
Pro Mild - Orlando, FL - 2010 DCS Magical Weekend
DiecastSpace Magical Weekend Drag Bus - Both Versions

2nd Place
Amateur Mild  - Los Angeles, CA - 2007 Hot Wheels Convention

Hallow Wheels Bash II Drag Hearse

3rd Place!
Pro Mild - Orlando, FL - 2010 DCS Magical Weekend
DiecastSpace Magical Weekend Convoy

3rd Place!
Pro Spicy - Las Vegas, NV - 2011 DCS Super Convention
2010 Prostock Camaro - Pope Funny Car

Thanks a bunch to Bryan Pope from Pope Designs for this wonderful Interview!
Interview was conducted by Ronald Wong aka Darthvaderr

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