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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Exclusive Interview: Bryan Pope - PART TWO

In the second part of the interview, Bryan will discuss about customizing, ideas and partnerships...


8) As a customizer, do you have a favorite casting? why?
My favorite casting to customize has got to be the Hot Wheels VW Drag Bus.  It has such a cult following in the diecast community and is a great canvas to display a lot of my ideas and creativity. 
 White base VW Drag Bus

Chrome base VW Drag Bus

Different Wheel base VW Drag Bus

Rubber wheels vs. Plastic wheels

9) What are the challenges you normally faced as a customizer? Paint work, decaling, packaging, tyres, etc?
My biggest challenge is coming up with new and fresh ideas to keep my customs current and in favor with the custom buying crowd.  With so many talented people customizing; the hunt for new ideas is an ever evolving thing.

A compilation of Pope Designs Summer Smash 2011 Cars

10) What sort of processes do you take to build your designs/craft?
I am a very methodical and meticulous person when it comes to customizing diecast.  Some say it borders on obsessive.  I take my time and make sure every car comes out perfect and they way I would like it to look.  I always take the time to look at each of my customs and ask, “If I didn’t make that; would I by it?” 
Samples of Pope Designs e-Sheets

11) Where do you get your inspirations/ideas from?
I am always thinking about the next design and what theme or path it will take.  I constantly write little notes and drawings to myself about ideas that pop into my head.  I also get great inspiration from my diecast friends who have seen me grow.  Another way is thru collaborative customs with such wonderful diecast based vendors like Hot-Cases.com and convention promoters like Diecastspace.com.

Pope Designs Diecastspace Camaro

Pope Designs Hot Cases Promotion VW Drag Bus

12) Do you have a customizer buddy?
For my own customs, I generally customize the cars myself.  I collaborate with many people though for other aspects of customizing all the time.  I consider many of the current crop of customizers my good friends.
Good Friends... Chris Walker, Bryan Pope, Vince Mosley and Tony from SDChopShop
(picture taken from conniebasham.com)

Collaboration work with Packaging guru Jimmy "The Boxman" Chavez

Collaboration work with Vince Mosley aka V-Man

13) You have done many collaboration works with other customizers such as Chojiro, Boxman...etc How do you manage the creative control of your design/craft?
Every time I am approached to do a collaborative custom with someone it is usually someone I trust or respect so that makes it easier to enter into any agreement that comes about for the collaboration.  Since most everyone I deal with on any type of collaboration is also a diecast enthusiast; the terms of the agreement are usually done on a handshake and gentlemen’s agreement basis. 
Collaboration work with Japanese Customizer Hells Dept.

14) As a customizer, is it important to modify the cars, add a diorama..etc?
For me; any detail of a custom car is no more important to the overall design than any other; all are equally important for a successful design.  When everything does finally come together, it’s a wonderful feeling.

1st Place!
Pro Spicy - Las Vegas, NV - 2011 DCS Super Convention

1965 VW Fastback Hot Wheels Rally Car 

1st Place!
Pro Spicy - Las Vegas, NV - 2010 DCS Super Convention 
VW Karmann Ghia - Ghia Rally

15) Describe your customizing signature look or style as per mentioned "Different... by Design"?
The “Different by Design” theme is meant to evoke a sense of individuality I try to insert in every design I create.  I want people when they first see a POPE DESIGNS customs to immediately see that it stands out from the crowd. I am proud to put my name, custom logo or signature on every custom I create!

2011 Collectors Experience '55 Chevy Panel

Kringle Delivery Christmas 2010 VW Drag Bus

KustumKon 2011 VW Drag Bus

DiecastSpace Girls 2010 VW Drag Bus

2011 Collectors Experience VW Drag Bus

Summer Smash 4 2011 Dairy Delivery

16) What are your views on foreign customizers from Brazil, Japan, Canada, Europe, and Asia..?
My view is “the more the merrier”.  I love looking at the point of view and vision of all customizers both in the US and abroad.  The exchange of ideas of art is one thing I love to be a part of over and over again.

17) Any tips for the upcoming and newbies in customizing?
Start with what you know and try to use what you know to your best ability.  Don’t over strive and be unhappy with the results.  Clean designs and work are what get you noticed. As a customizer learns more knowledge; immediately apply and perfect that acquired knowledge and continue to grow. Never stop learning.


Enzo Ferrari Drag Bus

T1 VW Drag Bus Hell-Bound Bus Line

Eye's Cream Drag Bus - Pope Diamond Edition

'55 Chevy Panel Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary Tribute

'67 Camaro Saturday Nitro Stunt Team

Rocket Oil Redlight Racing Fuel

Blown Delivery Blown Your Mind!

Interview was conducted by Ronald Wong aka Darthvaderr

will be featured on 19 October.

PART ONE - BACKGROUND go to the link below

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