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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BOXMAN Energizer Hot Wheels Custom Convoy #1

BOXMAN did it again.... The Energizer series is back and this time it's the heavy weight Hot Wheels Custom Convoy. The chrome body mimics the look of the evergreen design of the Energizer batteries coupled with tampo of the Energizer bunny strategically placed at the back body of the car. At the top of the car lies the tampo featuring the +|AA symbols as per indicated on the top of the actual battery. As a BOXMAN fan, I must say this is a must have series in your collection. The is the first piece ever made by BOXMAN and Jimmy has kindly signed his autograph at the back of the blister. Thanks to Mark Sheikh aka Master Overhaulin from Malaysia's Hot Wheels collector's group DTC Putrajaya for loaning this car to me.

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