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Friday, 10 February 2012

Exclusive Interview: Jimmy "THE BOXMAN" Chavez - PART Three

Here's the final part of the interview with Jimmy where he shares his views on customizing to traveling the world to promote his craft. Jimmy also speak about awards, trends and the future of BOXMAN.

20) What’s the highest price you have ever fetch for your custom? Which one is it?
I manage to sell the house of kolors, a lighted display for a whopping US$3000.
Lookout for this.. it might just bring you a fortune one day.

21) What are your views on awards? How important are they?
They’re great!, all good customizers deserves an award for their hard work.
Jimmy judging at the Brazil Toy Fair 2011.

Jimmy presenting prizes to the winners at the Brazil Toy Fair 2011.

BOXMAN's Brazil Toy Fair 2011 car.

23) Which is your favorite convention; Domestic or International?
It has to be the Summer Smash and the Super Convention at Las Vegas.

BOXMAN's Las Vegas Super Convention Cars

BOXMAN's Summer Smash 2010 Cars

Jimmy autograph sessions
Jimmy signing autograph together with Dave Chang at the Summer Smash.
24) BOXMAN 15 Years in business is a long time… Can you summarize the experience?
I’m glad to say that it has been 95% fun, simply because of all the people I’ve have met from all over the world who have been really encouraging. Currently I am now am starting to venture into a new type of customizing, which I will be showing you soon… stay tune.
Jimmy helping out at the 2003 Petersen Hall of Fame
Jeff Glasson interviews jimmy at the Wild Weekend 2009

25) Where do you see the future of customizing heading? Design, trend, competitions?
I believe there are no limits to how far customizing can go, it’s really all up to every individual to keep the passion and the grow the love for customizing for as long as they enjoy. As for the trend… it’s mostly determine by collectors as they create the demand by showing what they prefer to collect for the moment.
Some recent unique packaging by BOXMAN
Boxman Gears of War Collection

Boxman Summer Smash 4 2011 Collection

26) What satisfy you about your creation?
It would be the nice glossy photograph of my creation. The very first thing I would normally do is to take pictures of my work once the project is completed. It gives me a sense of history.

BOXMAN presentation of cars through the years
A collaboration work with Christian Lopez

27) Where is BOXMAN heading?
Hopefully I am able to move to the next level of customizing… Action figures!

28) What do you want BOXMAN to be remembered for in the world of customizing?
I like to be remembered for the being the inventor of fun things, that are good for collecting and to display.

29) Finally, if you can change the die-cast world, what would you do?
I would love to see more younger people showing interest in customizing and as I believe their interest or hobby will help the industry grow.
Jimmy with a young die-cast competition winner from Brazil


International Collectors Expo 2008 VW Drag bus

Las Vegas Super Conventions 2009 Ford Panel

Kustom Kon 2011 Dairy Delivery

Evel Knievel VW Drag Bus

Iron Man Dairy Delivery

Summer Smash 2010 Dairy Delivery

Energizer Custom Convoy

Japan Convention 2010 Dairy Delivery

Hot Rollers Las Vegas

Gears of War VW Drag Bus

Summer Smash4 2011 Custom Convoy

Interview was conducted by Ronald Wong aka Darthvaderr



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A special Thanks to Jimmy "BOXMAN" Chavez 
for spending time on this interview. All he best Jimmy! 

Many thanks to Connie Basham for some of the lovely pictures.

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