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Monday, 6 February 2012

Exclusive Interview: Jimmy "THE BOXMAN" Chavez - PART TWO

In the second part of the interview, Jimmy discuss about customizing and his preference and approaches to his craft. Listen up!... Jimmy also have some very intriguing tips on inspirations and ideas.

10) As a customizer, do you have a favorite casting? why?
It has to be the VW Drag Bus as it has lots of room for graphics.
Hot Wheels VW Drag Bus - a customizer's favorite

11) What are the challenges you normally faced as a customizer? Paint work, decaling, packaging, tyres, etc?
Almost everything from paint, decaling and packaging.

12) What sort of processes do you take to build your designs/craft?
I would normally start from sketching thumbnail drawings and continue with more till I am satisfied.
BOXMAN's presentation for the Summer Smash 2010

13) Where do you get your inspirations/ideas from?
I get lots of inspirations from things I see at the stores, shows, magazines, packaging and even to stuff like cereal boxes but most of all I want to thank the LORD for my talent..

14) Do you have a customizer buddy?
Yes I do… he is Vince Mosley aka V-man.
The veteran all-time award wining customizer Vince Mosley aka V-Man

15) How did you become a packaging guru as you are known in the Hot Wheels world? Who gave you the name “BOXMAN”?
I started by trying very hard to produce good customs for collectors and hope they would feel proud to display them on their shelf. A lot of my invention were driven by fancy packaging and Vince started calling me the "BOXMAN", right now he calls me "BOXER".           

16) How Many Customs have you made till today?
My guess would be within the range of 85 different designs and above. Some of my good piece never made it to public.
A custom made for Shirley Wood, the wife of Larry Wood.
17) Your proudest BOXMAN work? Can you name 3 of it?
It would be the diaroma of THE CARS poster, The 18-Car Display for Mr.Elliot Handler and the Dubble Bubble series.
18) What are your views on foreign customizers from Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Europe, and Asia..?
They are all talented groups , with thier own unique style
Kazy from Kazy Kustom Japan

Chojiro from Hells Dept. Japan

19) Any tips for the upcoming and newbies in customizing?
Keep practicing and practicing… firstly, go online and source for all the tips you could get hold of and use it to your fullest advantage.
The very popular Energizer VW Drag Bus


Batman VW Drag bus

Las Vegas Super Conventions 2009 '55 Chevy Panel

Diecast X Collectors Expo 2007 VW Drag Bus

Jokers Wild Super Convention VW Drag Bus

Superman Dairy Delivery

Domino's Pizza Dairy Delivery

PS2 Guitar Hero

Summer Smash 2010 Custom Convoy

Las Vegas VW Drag Bus

Protoytype VW Drag Bus

Interview was conducted by Ronald Wong aka Darthvaderr


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