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Thursday, 15 March 2012

V-Man's Showcase #Eight - Witch Doctor/Atomic Punk Series

V-Man is Back again with a whole new vibrancy to his new collection with a pink, purple and black version. This Blown Delivery series is very well applied tampo designs together with colors that merges from the top to the sides and the back - it surely doesn't looked like a copy-paste job and a very thoroughly taught through design. The Atomic Punk series feature an illustration of a witch doctor that has a skin texture of a reptile-like with the atomic bomb blasting on its head.... Not too sure exactly what's the message but it surely looks like a mystery that could be interpreted in various ways.. a very typical compelling creativity from Vince Mosley. The other castings available are '55 Chevy Panel and VW Drag Bus

'55 Chevy Panels

VW Drag Bus

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